Live chat for Alloy users


As far as I was aware, there was presently no live chat community for Alloy enthusiasts, for people to share idioms, ask for help, etc.

So I’ve decided to create one:

I know that this is a bit overlapping with this Discourse forum and with the StackOverflow tag, though I think there is value because some (like me) prefer the “live chat” medium and are unlikely to participate in the other existing mediums.

As I have no official affiliation with the Alloy project, this is currently just an unofficial “users group”.

If there is a desire to make the group “official” I’d be more than happy to turn over moderator rights for the chat service to anyone with official affiliation. I’d definitely love to see it become at least official enough to be listed in the “community” section of the main Alloy site.

At any rate, if anyone else is interested in a live chat experience, feel free to join in! I hope to see some community members there soon.


[note, I’ve just joined the discourse chat]

Hm, as a “live chat” I would prefer discord, or “really” live thing. Zulip and also Discourse is a more structured thing (I am very fined with threaded conversations btw). IMHO Both Zulip and Discourse require you to specify a subject, which is the opposite of live casual conversation.