How to build Alloy6 'master' branch? (org.alloytools.alloy.lsp is not linked with a Java project)

Using latest Eclipse Java (2023-12) on Ubuntu Linux 22.04, I get errors that include:

Bndtools: The project in …/org.alloytools.alloy/org.alloytools.alloy.lsp is not linked with a Java project.

Imported as instructed in

Are there more complete instructions anywhere, or updated README on some branch?

Found that the project named org.alloytools.alloy.application points to lsp actually.
Import did not work correctly maybe?

Yeah, lsp had the name application in


Yes, I see the same here where it came from. Interesting that it isn’t a problem in Eclipse?

You fix it?

Yes, fixed.

It was a problem for me when importing in latest Eclipse.

Commit signed off, branch ready. Should I create PR?

Reading more from CONTRIBUTING… my commit is on (my) master branch. Does it matter for this case?

PR is best and it is lightningly fast on Github. (You can even just edit the file on Github and it will create a PR for you.)

Already did it the hard way and tested by importing fresh. Commit message not fully compliant.

PR created.

Next time (if will be) I would be more careful with commit message and branch.

By the way: are you using Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version 2023-12 (4.30.0) ? Older?

To build (with a lot of warnings) I had to manually “prime the pump” by clicking Rebuild Project in opened ‘bnd.bnd’ for .api and .wrappers.
That’s not all I tried, but these actions made sense to me at least.

Is this how it should go?

There is a refresh icon in the Bndtools Explorer. Next to the orange square. That usually works best.

Big problem is often that Eclipse and the file system have some domestic violence. Selecting all projects in the Bndtools Explorer does the trick. That said, it was much worse it got a lot better.

Was thinking why I had the problems:

May be that I did everything (before I posted here) in the Java perspective.
I switched to Bndtools perspective today, after thinking about your last message.
Now I see what you meant re: orange square (now green for me).

At least we fixed a minor issue that could have made someone like me give up on Alloy build.

You have the curse of knowledge: hard to imagine how an outsider like me would read the instructions.

The problem in this world is that everybody (and sadly that often includes myself) wants to figure it out themselves. I’ve always been more than willing to help out and get people started. Nowadays with Zoom it takes me minutes to get anybody up to speed and once you’re up to speed, there are two people to help out others.

I think this is an ignition process. If you have 3 or 4 people started this way, the chats and communication around the project tend to be sufficient to get others started. Bndtools definitely does work, and I think the experience is unbeatable once you have it working but IDEs are very complex and in this case, java and bnd are outside the zone of comfort for many.

Since command line tools are magnitudes simpler than IDEs, people tend to prefer. It works directly and you do not have to ask anybody … At least with bnd, we have both Eclipse and Gradle. (Even Ant for the nostalgic old developers).