Project and release status

I’m trying to evaluate whether there’s a stable and reasonably documented version of Alloy 6 that can be used in teaching (graduate course in modeling and analysis). It looks like no release since 6.0.0 and little activity on the Alloy 6 book. Did I miss something?

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The draft book is actually written and used for teaching. It’s been lagging but we do intend to finish it.
A new version of Alloy is coming for the end of the year I guess, you may have a look at GitHub issues to see some forthcoming improvements.


In the last two academic years I’ve taught Alloy 6 in a graduate course of 200 students, using the current version of the the tool and the current version of the book as the recommended documentation, and had no big issues or complaints.


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Thanks, that’s good to hear. By current version do you mean the latest release (Nov 2021) or building from current sources?

Yes, the latest release from Nov 2021.

Did you also mean the current version of the alloy6 book, Formal Software Design? It seems good but some of the .png images of instances are misplaced (eg. protocol example appears in the trash chapter and vice versa). I didn’t find a development site for it.

Ooops, thanks for letting me know - this problem was introduced in a minor update I did a few months ago. Will fix asap. Concerning the development repo, our intention is to only make it public once we have a first complete draft, hopefully until the end of the year. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions or fixes please send them directly to us.