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There is some confusion about the purpose. I indicated that I’d rather not have SO like questions on this. I.e questions like how to answer my homework. I also think it is better to keep SO as the default place for simple detail questions and focus here on modeling. I think we should expect that you’ve tried a tutorial like the farmer and have a reasonable idea of what Alloy is. I.e. not a lazy student.

Anyway, I do not have special powers (ok, a bit) and I am open for how things are going. As we discussed, we would start with the submission of a model. So I suggest you go ahead. Now do not have stage fright because of the SO message. Your model can be as simple as possible but I think it must at least compile and provide an instance. If you’re in the situation that you have a trivial model that does not compile or does not give you an instance then SO is a good medium to take those steps; people answer there quickly.

For example, Steve had a model he wanted to be reviewed on SO and someone yelled that that was not the purpose of SO. That model compiled and gave an instance so that is more than fine to post here. (And I urge Steve to add it in the models category.)

Anyway, lets not spend too much time on the meta, it is not my favourite. I am not going to police anyone so just go ahead. My personal motto is that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to all your Alloy models of Git … :slight_smile:


  • Peter Kriens
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First, the meta-stuff is important, even if we don’t like it. It’s how groups die before they even get started, or turn toxic later.

It looks like SO is not our answer for now because of how their moderators behave, which leaves a support hole.

We need a place where people, like me, who are stuck on a dumb problem can get an answer, before having a complete model. Yes, we will get lots of students who should be doing their assignments, but that’s part of the cost of doing business and they’re usually easy to spot (plus they might not be getting any help from their faculty).

If we want Alloy to take off, we have to make it as welcoming a place as possible, to lower the (significant) cost of entry.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing a steady stream of low-level Q&A on the TLA+ list without any problems.