nuSMV and nuXmv on Apple M2

I tried to install und use nuSMV and nuXmv on the new Apple MacBook with M2. But apparently both model checkers only run on x86.

Any suggestions what to do?

Kind regards

We’re working on a new release and hopefully we find the time to make it all work on the Apple Mx processors.

For nuXmv, we won’t be able to solve this issue ourselves as it is proprietary.
NuSMV is free software so we could theoretically compile an M2 version ourselves (well, as long as one of us owns an Apple with M2).
In any cases, I will ask the nuXmv/NuSMV developers whether they would agree to issue an M2-compatible version themselves.

We can rebuild Apple on Github Actions now, also for M1 which should cover m2. Just hoping I have the time to get this to work or someone else does the work.